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About the Sitters
Joe & Kathi have been working with dogs for over 30 years.  As previous Breeding  and Sled Dog Racing Kennel Owners, they have the knowledge and expertise to handle many tasks and many pets. 

Joe has trained various breeds of dogs since 1976. Confirmation and obedience handling. He can help with training issues, as well as nutritional guidelines for a healthy, happy pet.

Today, having a reliable pet you can count on is his main goal. 
He has the experience working with a variety of animals.

RPS knows how stressful it can be when you have to leave your pets behind for business or vacation.  Your pets will be happy and
well taken care of!

Holly - THE Reliable Pet

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Reliable Pet Sitter is based on the belief that our customers' and their pets'needs are of the utmost importance. 

We are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best care possible.

8 Important items to check before hiring your Pet Sitter

 ·        Professional Full-time or Part-time

You may find a nice neighbor who wants to sit part-time because “they really love animals and have had a pet since childhood”.  A full-time professional is going to bring so much more.  Schedules to meet your needs, not their school or work schedule.  A structured approach to your home security, pet care, and other tasks required.  The ability to work with other vendors who may provide services to you while you are gone – Veterinarian, groomer, lawn service, house cleaning, canine obedience, mail pick-up, etc.

 A Professional Sitter should put everything in writing so there is no mistake in what you require and what is expected.  It should always state the fees and additional costs if necessary for ‘out of the ordinary’ situations while you are gone.  They should review all safety of your home and pets, including keeping your house keys and information secure. 

 ·        Confidentiality – your home and family
Professionals provide safety to ensure your sitter comes to your home is a legitimate, law-abiding, pet lover who has passed background screening from law enforcement, not just a paid online service.

 ·        References

Can they provide references of clients, veterinarians, and other pet care individuals who can attest to their honesty and integrity?

 ·        Disaster Preparedness for your home and your pet

Things happen.  Can your sitter provide shelter or an alternative for your pets while you are away in case of an emergency?  What happens when it – Snows, Hurricane, other inclement traveling weather?  Your sitter should be able to discuss, in detail, what will take place in an unplanned situation.

 ·        Insurance and Bonding

By choosing a professional that has liability insurance and bonding policies, you know you are dealing with responsible business professionals who care about your home and your property as well as your pet.

You really need to ask specific questions about specific circumstances (what happens if they lose your key - is re-keying covered? If they lose a pet - is loss covered? What if the pet bites someone? What if they were taxiing, grooming, or boarding your pet?)

 ·        Animal Medical Care

Having Animal and Human First Aid Certification is a good sign the sitter is an involved professional.  Most sitters can give pills or follow simple medical instructions, but can you rely on that sitter – After Surgery Care, Animals with daily needs – such as injections for diabetes, Senior Dog assistance, etc? Astute to recognize illness or trouble while you are away? Do they have the tools and knowledge to get additional assistance (like a vet when your vet is not open)?

 ·        Animal Knowledge

Have they through experience or education learned about different domestic animals?  Are they a Dog person who thinks they can take care of everything in your house?  Have they worked with multiple dogs at once, large or small dogs, dogs and cats with personality traits that may be difficult?

Quite a few years ago we hired a “Pet Sitter” for a long weekend trip we most desperately needed.  The “Pet Sitter” came to the house with her small child to meet with us, get the details and certainly to bond with our one Australian Shepherd Male dog – Sydney.   Outside the house they got along just dandy.  The afternoon we arrived at our destination (8 hours away) we got a message at our hotel to call the “Pet Sitter”. 

 She came to the house and the dog was barking, it scared her and she would not go in.  By the time we located someone who could get to our place, the poor dog had relieved himself and caused quite a mess.  The house had to be cleaned (not until I returned 3 days later!), the dog was taken to a friend’s house and we were worried all weekend.  A big loss for a little work to research our “Pet Sitter”.

 ·        Untrained or Unwilling

Family, friends, part-timers are not trained to provide the safe and loving atmosphere of a person who calls this their profession.  Can you trust that 14-year-old neighbor to follow your specific directions?  80% of “pet sitters” go out of business in less than one year.  Are they willing to work on your schedule or “theirs”?


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